Tuesday, 22 May 2012


My neck problem seems to be getting worse at quite rapid rate. I was awake most of the night in pain last night, so have not gone to work today, (I work for Royal Mail as a Postman). It’s hard to function on only 2 hours sleep! I never thought I would say it but I can’t wait to get my operation done and dusted so I can get on with my life without pain. (Boohoo more felling sorry for myself, this is a good place to vent my frustration) I’ve always had good and bad days but lately it seems more bad than good.
The neck problem causes pain and weakness in my left arm and down the left side of my torso, my left hand is also numb with reduced small motor function which is not good as I am left handed and find it very difficult to write and type! When the muscles become tiered which is all the time (feels like I’ve done 10 hours weight training) they cramp up.
All of this is very frustrating for me as I want to get on with my training.
Enough whining for one day.

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