Saturday, 8 September 2012

Up date on surgery

I had the operation on my neck on the 13th august 2012.  Everything seems to have gone well, the pain in my arm has improved considerably but my neck is still very stiff, hopefully this will improve quickly. I hope to get back to some serious training the near future.  In the mean time I have been helping to teach at Kixx gym using mostly verbal instruction.
It is very frustrating not being able to join in the fun parts of a class, such as drill training and self defence techniques. But I have to pace my recovery so I don’t undo the good work the surgeons have done.
The good thing about being off work is that I have had time to research the origins of one of our forms” Tzu Ping Chuen”, having been given some helpful hints from Kim Sen Han. I will go into more detail on this research in a latter post.
For now I am just happy that the surgery went well and I can soon get back to some serious training.